No Traffic, No Citizen, No any Noise... Great to avoid crowds
The Eco-Lodge located on Cat Ong Islet - Man Island, just 3 miles offshore of Cat Ba Island- Woman Island, which is the largest island in Halong Bay Area. It takes 1hr boat ride to Lan Ha Bay and 2hrs to Ha Long Bay.
All bungalows are made of native materials but of course our modern designers have incorporated many contemporary touches, but you will surely find our accommodations a unique and delightful experience during your stay here.
Coming to the resort, you first have to go to Cat Ba island which is situated a mere 50 km east of Hai Phong city and 4hrs by boat from Halong Bay so you can get there via Haiphong city or Halong Bay.
We offer Great Promotion for staying in 2012 and 2013 which is applied to the pre-booking only and full prepaid is required with non-refund condition.
The price includes pick up, drop off at Cat Ba Harbour and great limitless order breakfast with different drinks.
The Eco-Lodge Islet has been reopening from July 2013 after 3 years construction. There are 20 rooms, separate cottage, just some family cottages has 2 rooms. All cottages stay in front of the beach and gives you a private space because it stays far away each other...
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